Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 11

WE GOT TO SHOWER!!! And blog today I think is a traveling day so not much to blog.

Day 10

So today's my birthday! (:

I've typed this about 5 times now and I keep loosing this. So im going i make it short.

We had cereal, Spokane tribe took us to a river and showed us how they construct a paw track pad for small carnivorous animal. Then we had a bbq, the spokane tribe had really tooken care of us! They  after we went shock fishing! SHOCK FISHING! It was amazing and sooo fun. My group caught a brown trout and it was just super cool. They took us back to our camp grounds and at about 5 we went to Lake Roosevelt and that was quite an experience...
After a lot of the stuff happened and we were all worked up we got to eat a delicious dinner that the spokane made for us. Then the elders told us storys. Most of us cried and it was just an emotional day. It brag us all a lot closer. We headed back to the camp and my uncle Mr. Black and my aunt Mrs. Black and Jessica made me a cake and we all ate it and sang me happy birthday and that was a great way to end the day.

Day 9

We woke up and had cereal. At about 10ish we crushed our rock pigments and made natural paint with milk it was AWESOME. We painted then Wenix had a presentation on all the foods that are on the table for the first feast and we got to taste it all.(: We got on the road at 4 and the spokane tribe bought us Arbys like that's amazing we got great food woooooohoooo. Then they lead us to the camp grounds and we pitched up our tents went to bed.

Today was a pretty chill travel day.

Day 8

So, today we had 5 flat tires and it was veryyyyy hot. After everything we went to our amazing tour Wenix let us pitch up our tents in her back yard and let us take a shower. She was amazing and a great hearted person. She made us Indian tacos, fry bread, and we played volleyball. She welcomed us to her home with open arms, and she does amazing things with the native america tribes. I love her she was amaxing. Some way some how we made it through today. Wenix saved us today and made everybodys day. We told story and we all got closer today.

Today we seriously went through thick and thin together. Today was a good day, and great food. Good food makes me happy.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

day 7

We went to the fishery witch was very cool, learning all about the fish tagging and hatchery fish was great. After we went on a potty break. Then we went to Chief Joseph's grave site and learned about a lot about the glacier stuff (to tired to figure out what it's called.) Then we came back to the pow wow and ate lunch at the friendship feast and was great. After we enjoyed the pow wow and waited till it ended.

The pow wow made me learn a lot about the Native American culture today. I think today was a very chill day.

day 6

Woke up and had a very long drive and went to painted to hills so all the driving payed off.

Driving tired me out, bye bye.

day 5

Today we woke up and had a quick breakfast. Went to help the rangers and clean up the trails. That was really cool knowing we helped people enjoy nature that made me happy.  After we had a great dip in the blue lagoon witch was aawwwwwssssome! Also cold, but it was very hot outside. After we went back to the camping site and got to take a shower.

Today was a great day and made me think about being a ranger and helping the public enjoy nature. (: